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Emily Project - FARM 911 - Municipal Addressing 

The Farm Parcel Municipal Address Program (also known as the Emily Project - FARM 911) is now available in Port Colborne. This program permits address signage to be installed on rural farm lands that normally do not have a civic address.

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By submitting this form as the Applicant, I acknowledge the accuracy and completeness of the information provided and acknowledge that approval of a farm parcel address request:

  1. Is to assist in emergency situations only;
  2. Does not permit further use or development of the property without the appropriate approvals;
  3. Does not constitute the approval of an entrance from a public highway nor does it deem the access safe for use or that it meets any Municipal entrance standards;
  4. Does not guarantee that access is adequate for emergency vehicles and where access is not adequate, emergency vehicles may not be able to enter the property;
  5. Requires the landowner to maintain and keep the access in good repair and ensure the signage remains visible and is maintained. Should the signage be damaged, knocked down or removed, the landowner shall contact the City of replacement/repair of the signage at the landowner's expense.
  6. Approval is only granted after the installation fee of $122.93 is received.