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Garage Business Licence Application Form

All garages in the City of Port Colborne must be licensed annually (By-Law 4322/158/02).

Please complete this form to apply for a garage licence in the City of Port Colborne.

Upon submission, a response will be sent back to you confirming that we have received your application. Once your application has been paid for and approved, you will receive your business licence by mail. 

Payment may be made by cash, debit, credit or cheque (made payable to the City of Port Colborne). There is a 2.63% service fee for payment made by credit card.

Application Fee - $30.00

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Licensing Clerk at or 905-228-8115. 

Is this application new or is it a renewal?
Are you the business owner?
Is your mailing address different from your business address?

Garage Information

Please complete this section to outline the details of your garage business.

Is this garage a motor vehicle repair shop, including a building or place where motor vehicles may be oiled, greased or washed, or have their ignition adjusted, tires inflated or batteries charged?
Is this garage a place where only minor or running repairs essential to the actual operation of motor vehicles are executed or performed?
Is this garage a parking station, parking lot or building or place where motor vehicles are hired or kept or used for hire?
Is this garage a place where vehicles are stored or kept for sale?
Are there used/unfit motor vehicles on the property? (Bylaw Section 22 re: Uncertified vehicles; parts)
Is this a motor vehicle inspection station (MVIS) ?
Would you like to pay for the application online with a credit card? (2.63% convenience fee applies)

I, the applicant and owner/representative of the business, hereby make application for a public garage business licence. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the provisions of By-Law 4322/158/02 of the City of Port Colborne and that I will abide by the provisions of the by-law as well as the Gasoline Handling Act knowing that any violation of the provisions of the by-law will be prosecuted according to law.

I agree to the above statement.

MFIPPA statement:   All information collected on this form is subject to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used by the City of Port Colborne in determining suitability for business licensing.  Questions about this collection should be directed to the City Clerk, 66 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne, Ontario, L3K 3C8, Tel: 905-228-8031.