Please fill out the below application to receive your 2021 #PORTicipate Pass.  This application is avilable for Port Colborne residents only.

Please be advised the #PORTicipate Pass is only valid for the 2021 beach season. The City of Port Colborne reserves the right to change this new process, including changes to the pass for future use. 

Port Colborne resident information

#PORTicipate Pass Disclaimer - please read.

The City of Port Colborne is not responsible for any loss or damage including vehicles, or personal items.

Beachfront parking access (Port Colborne residents):

Once a #PORTicipate Pass has been obtained, residents are required to show proof of address, with either a government-issued photo ID, tax bill or any bill that shows the person’s name and address, along with their #PORTicipate Pass for free access to beachfront parking on Nickel Beach. No advanced registration is required.

Number of #PORTicipate Passes per vehicle:

We require only one individual in the vehicle to have a #PORTicipate Pass for everyone in the vehicle.  


#PORTicipate Pass registration is solely for individual use and each pass registered is therefore non-transferable. The City of Port Colborne reserves the right to revoke passes and access to individuals found violating these terms.

Inclement weather & beach closures:

In the event of beach closures due to adverse weather conditions or any other factor, Nickel Beach will be closed to the public for beachfront parking access up to, and including a full day of operating hours. 

Refusal of entry:

The City of Port Colborne reserves the right to revoke passes and/or refuse entry to any patron (resident or non-resident) that are found:

  • Upselling, transferring or selling daily beachfront parking passes or residential #PORTicipate Passes
  • Falsifying information in order to manipulate fees for access
  • Disruptive or abusive behavior towards staff, security, or any other member of the public
  • Dangerous driving
  • In possession of prohibited items
  • Engaging in any activity that may be found harmful to the natural environment

Your #PORTicipate Pass is valid for the year 2021.