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FEBRUARY 9-11, 2024

By completeing this application, you agree to become a partner for SportsFest 2024. As a partner, your group will organize your own winter activitity, special event, or tournament as a part of SportsFest 2024. This is a great opportunity for your group to fundraise. As a partner, you will receive the assistance of the City of Port Colborne's Corporate Services, Recreation division to answer any questions and assist in marketing your event. Please provide photo's of your events to assist with our promotion. The fee to participate is $50.00. We further understand that partnership benefits will not be provided, and this agreement will not be binding on the Corporation until this agreement is executed by a City of Port Colborne Representative. 

SportsFest 2024 will be held rain or shine, with no refunds unless it is cancelled by the City of Port Colborne. You are responsible for providing your own event insurance and ensuring the safety of all participants, as well as booking any facilities needed to host your event. The deadline for submission is December 18th, 2024. 

The event/tournament will be: